What I Do

  • Ability to develop a comprehensive strategy, understand the competitive landscape, and execute a roadmap for the SEO enhancements which enhances the client’s product growth.

  • Be a driving force in aligning the resources necessary especially with Product, International, country managers, and engineering teams, while communicating goals effectively.

  • Abundant knowledge for optimizing all types of content on the site including video, blog posts, and visual content.

  • Design methodical experiments while carefully quantifying success (or failure), and ensure that your team has a clear understanding of its objectives.

  • Design, maintain, communicate SEO best practices.

  •  Utilize and be the point on industry-standard analytics tools and proprietary systems.

  • Mine through logs, crawl webpages and analyze other large-scale data stores to gain SEO insight.

  • Analyze and monitor key sources of traffic for client and their competitors.

  • Establish productive and efficient communication channels within marketing and other teams to ensure the progress and plans are stellar and assure projects result in growth.

Skills & Experience

  • Strong knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking methods

  • 10+ years experience developing and executing successful SEO practices resulting in more than 10MM UVs a month.

  • In-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • Ability to quantify potential SEO improvements and prioritize accordingly.

  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, and strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well in a team environment.

  • Advanced user in Google Analytics, Brightedge, MOZ and other industry tools.

Growth Methodology



My core strengths revolve around a data-driven strategy that excludes vanity metrics and concentrates instead on engagement, conversion and revenue-based growth.  



I specialized in Customer, Client, User Life-Cycle management, organic acquisition and nurturing of your future revenue. Most clients are unaware of the possibilities of their target audience. Perhaps only targeting one or two audiences. I help you discovered the untapped audience you and your competitors may be missing. 



The basics of my techniques revolve around trying, measuring and either pivoting or continuing the course. The secret is to fail fast and fail often. But to always have validated learning experiences that can help to grow your product beyond using traditional marketing channels.