Autopilot HQ


The Company

Autopilot HQ is a startup based in San Francisco with a marketing automation products meant to nurture audiences over long sales funnels.

The Problem

  • Long and robust content that does not rank for targeted keywords.
  • 3 different sub-domains where various type of content was published but not interlinked.
  • High bounce rates.
  • 25 seconds to fully load certain pages. (Worse score on  mobile)
  • Various types of duplicate  content.

The Solution

  • Clean up back end and implemented best practices to maintian good SEO hygiene.
  • Decipher keyword glossary for target audience Autopilot was targeting.
  • Map high volume keywords back to original content and optimize HTML elements, H1s, and updated meta descriptions.
  • Re-skinned website to make it more appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Conducted a full audit of internal links to maximized cross over pollination of multiple content properties.

The Work



The Results

  • Enhanced organic acquisition to website by 20%, using a combination of technical hacks, SEO friendly optimizations and minification of code to improve user experience.


  • Lowered bounced rates by 8%.


  • Increased page depth to 2.1, an increase of 33%.


  • Raised the amount of keywords in hyper traffic positions by 34%.


  • Collaborated with teams to grow a community of potential customers, influencers and experts to promote the product via events and social activities.
  • Organized competitive analysis to find weaknesses in opposition and developed a plan to enhance the firm’s positioning within a very competitive industry.
  • Identified crucial customer journey path of target audience and strategized to set up a nurturing campaign to increase lead flow.