Attune Behavior

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The Company

Attune Behavior (formerly OBP Health) is a health clinic specializing in diagnosis and treatment of autism in children.

The Problem

  • Website had not been updated in 5 years.
  • No strategy to capture leads from folks visiting their site.
  • Confusion about what they actually did.
  • Website was hard to navigate.
  • Not optimized for mobile.

The Solution

  • Re-skin website to make it more presentable and easy to navigate.
  • Decipher keyword glossary for target audience Attune Behavior was targeting.
  • Map high volume keywords back to original content and optimize HTML elements.
  • Set up forms where visitors can easily ask questions and contact health specialist.
  • Converted site into a multilingual content to serve Latino and Chinese clients.

The Work



The Results

  • Clearer communication of health clinic's main objective ¬†and mission statement.
  • Easier to navigate menus that helped target audience to click right where they needed to go.
  • Increase in time on page by 32%
  • Raise in sign ups for information by 47%.