About Me


I was born in El Salvador in Central America.  My Father was a business owner and owned several auto repair shops in the Capital. My Mother was a teacher. My parents fled the country  when guerilla forces threatened my Father to use his businesses as weapons depot for an upcoming coup. When my Father refused to cooperate by stating that the government would surely execute him if they discovered him collaborating with subversives forces, the rebels reminded him if he refused they would execute him. My parents decided that the dangers of immigrating to the United States, by far exceeded the threats of staying. So we took the long journey to a foreign place, without knowing the language, understanding the culture and knowing how we'd survive.

My Mother became  a housekeeper, my Father was a mobile mechanic (he would come to your house to fix your car). Both of them were hard workers, very focused on getting me ready to assimilate to the new found American culture. As a 6 year old, I learned English in 3 months. I served as their translator. ordering at restaurants, asking for directions, reading the mail, etc. This was daily routine led to my ability to still speak Spanish fluently to this day. My parents gave me the best opportunity to succeed by emphasizing discipline and education as potential upward mobility channels to the American dream. After high school, I worked at Costco as a forklift driver. The company was an excellent choice for someone looking to settle. Unfortunately, I cannot settle, its in  my DNA. I left good health benefits and pretty hefty 401K perks to go back to school and get a degree. Most people thought I was crazy, I earned good money, had nice things, lived in a nice place. But I could not envisioned me working for one firm for 20 years. It felt weird to think of such a life. I went from earning a good wage to getting  two minimum wage jobs as a student assistant at San Francisco State University. One was at the main campus library, the other at the Downtown campus in San Francisco. When it came to majors, I have and always will be curious about how behavior shapes humans, so when I got the opportunity to choose I gravitated towards psychology. Then I discovered psychology and business was a science called "Marketing" and I was hooked!

I wanted to be Don Draper from Madmen. Handling huge clients, doing creative pitches for Fortune 500 firms.  I took a computer class in a little known space called "Search". Where a little company called Google was changing the Internet landscape. At the same time, I saw the decline of traditional advertising budgets and how the exposure to digital was on the rise. I took HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX classes to try to compensate. I graduated in 2008, yes that 2008. In the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. I couldn't find a job via traditional channels. Luckily for me, I was in the Bay Area and there was a sector willing to hire, right out of college, think outside the box, risk takers, Startups.

I was immediately drawn to the fast pace, experimental style of the startup World. Better yet, I was so intrigued that these magical places would let me fail and would not fire me. They would say things like, "What did we learn from this failure?". Ever since those dark days in 2008, I always take on projects or work for firms with the same mentality. If you're not risking, your not moving forward. I approached all my projects in the same manner. So if your looking for a "Yes Man", traditional marketer, I am not for your firm or project. I break things, take them apart in order to understand them and then reassemble them in a way that they will work better and faster.

As you can see, my experiences have shape my outlook. There is no problem too big or task too complicated to overcome. All it takes is new perspective and the guts to go against the grain.

My Mission Statement:

To help companies understand the power of integrated systems, data analysis and behavioral economics to unlock growth potential and increase revenue.

My one addiction: Nomading

I enjoy traveling internationally and have recently visited Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Japan, Spain and many more. I'm planning on touring Italy in the near future to explore the heartland of the European renaissance.